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The power of an authentic brand purpose in a world of sensationalized spin.

Not so long ago, the purpose-driven brand was an anomaly. In a world where brands talked “sleeker, cooler, faster,” one that spoke to a greater purpose really turned heads.

Now, it’s common creed that brands must lead with their why to connect meaningfully. But it’s led to exaggerated purpose statements and overly lofty goals, often coupled with products and practices that just undercut them. (Are the makers of bulk adhesive tape really “holding the world together?”)

But here’s the good news: with consumers’ antennas sharply tuned, brands can no longer hide behind puffed-up language—and purpose remains critical to the modern brand. In this fresh conversation, Bhavik Joshi and Nathan Hendricks assess the landscape and make the case for Bullshit-Free Brands, offering guidance on how to find your true why and “walk your talk” to stand apart.

Published August 10, 2022 

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