Building a new challenger brand for golf’s growth consumer.

After uncovering golf-‘s counterculture consumer, we created the go-to brand for it.

Over the course of our longstanding partnership with Acushnet, we’ve spanned their portfolio top to bottom with a wide scope of work, all aimed at strengthening their market position, while driving topline growth in a category that’s overwhelmingly played out.

With brands like Titleist that have long been coveted by competitors—both on the green and in the aisle—Acushnet had already won their share of loyalists in the golf scene. But while the biggest players in the category set their sights on the same crowded territory, we looked to the fringes—where a new generation of golfers was rapidly emerging. Young, progressive, diverse—and quickly growing.

Through our immersive insights work, we pinpointed a consumer segment that was overlooked, in part because it didn’t look like any other audience in their target market. These golfers played by a different set of rules, challenging the exclusivity and elitist stereotypes commonly associated with country club culture. By identifying this new, game-changing consumer segment, we were able to uncover a vacancy in Acushnet’s portfolio.

Our objective: fill it. Our approach: create a new brand that would extend Acushnet into emergent territory; a brand that could resonate in the changing cultural current, without diluting Acushnet’s status and longstanding reputation in golf’s highest-ranking circles.

We used our nimble, digital validation tools to translate key consumer insights into testable concepts, fast-tracking us to an understanding of purchase intent while laying the groundwork for the brand’s visual and verbal expression. With collective buy-in on the strategy, we began rapidly building the brand—from the name, identity and packaging, to merchandise, photo strategy and marketing collateral.

  • Category + consumer trends
  • Consumer target definition
  • Value proposition + consumer segmentation
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging design
  • Naming + messaging
  • Actionable Consumer Desires
  • Future of Sport Culture Scan
  • Brand Foundations
  • Brand Transformation
  • Omni-Voice Ecosystem
  • Real-Time Consumer Validation

Project Outcome

10 months from kickoff to launch

titleist logo

I've never been a part of something that has been so universally well-received. Not only is it the work, but also the process that made Union Green come to life.

Michael MahoneyVP, Marketing, Titleist, Acushnet