Compelling more and more people to get on “Corona time.”

Already an icon, the beer better connects with consumer desires to make even more of its equity.

Corona has always brought something distinctive to the table—often associated with lively boat rides and lone beach chairs. But as the beer category has crowded and consumer expectations have shifted, Corona needed help to remain highly relevant.

To take Corona to the next level, LPK took a three-pronged approach:

  • simplifying the brand for greater impact
  • amplifying its most distinctive assets
  • contemporizing to widen its appeal

We started from the ground up, crafting a holistic strategy that outlined the brand’s right to win in emergent culture. Developing brand foundations and a narrative rooted in the consumers’ desires for Tranquility and escape, we worked to position Corona as both timeless and timely, nodding to its historic roots while adding freshness that appeals to today’s consumer.

With strategy in place, Corona turned to us to evaluate the brand’s visual identity at the masterbrand level. We conducted extensive consumer research, learning which elements matter most to the consumer—and which lacked meaning, or created clutter, through their eyes. With these insights as our guide, our design team began refining the creative system, streamlining the brand and amplifying its most celebrated assets for optimal impact and brand recall.

LPK also helped Corona strategically extend and excel in non-beer categories, revamping Refresca to better perform in the malted beverage category, and launching Hard Seltzer just as the seltzer market erupted.

  • Category + Consumer Trends
  • Consumer Insights
  • Brand Architecture
  • Retail Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Pipeline Ideation
  • Actionable Consumer Desires
  • Brand Transformation

Project Outcome

Despite several innovations launching in the midst of the pandemic, Corona has seen record-setting growth since evolving its masterbrand and introducing new offerings. In a single quarter, The Motley Fool reported the Corona family of beer saw depletions rise 7%, with Corona Extra emerging as “the second biggest market share gainer in the category.”

Corona flexes brand strength to stand out
in a crowded hard seltzer aisle.