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Meaning + magic,

at scale.


To start growing, start with who.

At LPK, we all share a long-held fascination with human behavior. It drives our approach to the work: starting from a place of Deeper Discovery to mine for richer consumer insights and untapped cultural tensions.

Our brand strategy experts fuse these findings with emergent trends on the horizon, shaping brand activation strategies that not only account for current opportunities with your consumer, but future ones.

What do you need?

Answering this question correctly positions brands to perform at their best.

LPK provides a comprehensive approach and matrix of tools to do just that. We help brands identify, understand, and know how to fulfill the wants and needs that their consumers have now—and the ones they don’t yet know they have.


Uncover the wants and needs your customer has now. And the ones they don’t yet know they have.
Actionable Consumer Desires

Connect to a truth no other brand knows. Unearth richer tensions and consumer motivations to start delivering what people really want.

“Future Of” Culture Scan

Look far ahead to gain confidence in where to play and how to win. Work with a nuanced understanding of where your category and consumer are headed next.


Drive transformative growth by aligning your business to emerging customer demands and behaviors.
Brand Foundations

Cut to the chase and clarify why you exist. Bolster your brand’s reason for being, your differentiating value and how to successfully express it to consumers.

Omni-Voice Ecosystem

An omnichannel world needs an omnichannel voice. Custom-create your brand voice to resonate with consumers, then finetune it to every channel, every interaction.

Brand Transformation

Your consumer is changing, and so should you. Signal evolution visually and verbally to help your brand cut through, inspire audiences and drive cultural conversation.

Northstar Definition

It’s easy to get lost without a guiding light. Define your vision for the future and create a clear action plan to get your business there.


Look forward and break through, casting a vision that positions your business as a future leader.
Pipeline Framework Development

Pursue new avenues of growth. Prioritize product and service innovations rooted in consumer desirability and market viability.

Product Roadmap Accelerator

Keep your momentum. Reach a new growth velocity by advancing your productization plans with agile activation tools and consumer-centric research methods.

Real-Time Consumer Validation

Prove success before you invest. In-the-wild testing gauges real consumer perceptions and engagement, revealing potential ROI.

White Space Creation

Meet the unmet. Spot and seize wide-open areas in the market, generating products, services and experiences that answer to your consumer or customer’s wants and needs.

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