Seizing clean beauty trends to capture the New Zealand vibe.

P&G sets out to create a digital-first skincare brand, freeing consumers’ skin and spirits from stress.

When Procter & Gamble came to us to partner on the build of a disruptive beauty brand, we seized the opportunity to weave a unique origin story—one that moved beyond clean ingredient claims and influencer partnerships to an aspirational sense of place.

Enter Kiwi Botanicals: a digital-first beauty brand that embodies New Zealand—from its uncommon ingredients to its easygoing ethos.

As experts in emergent beauty trends, we knew that consumers were craving products that combatted the damage that stress—physical, emotional and otherwise—puts on skin. Paired with the laidback lifestyle of real Kiwi women, we crafted a de-stress value proposition that carved out unique territory for the brand.

To glean insights and gauge the viability of our ideas, we tapped our Beauty555 network to establish a cultural laboratory—working with 5 beauty experts, 5 viral influencers and 5 LPK experts in emergent consumer trends to build a brand strategy that not only captured the infectious energy of New Zealand, but resonated with women worldwide.

  • Consumer Insights
  • Category + Consumer Trends
  • Brand Definition
  • Packaging Design
  • Naming + Messaging
  • Communication Strategy
  • Actionable Consumer Desires
  • Future of Beauty Culture Scan
  • Brand Foundations
  • Brand Transformation

Project Outcome

A powerhouse brand,
online + off
From trends and foresight to brand strategy, tone of voice to iconic assets, we took a holistic approach to new brand creation, giving way to a digital-first brand that’s disrupting at shelf, on social and everywhere in between. In addition to building the Kiwi brand, we took a leading role in activating it across retail platforms—both digital and physical. Beyond e-commerce, we successfully parlayed the digital-first brand to the shelves of Walmart—a move that amplified Kiwi’s distribution and ultimate growth trajectory.