Staying #1 while transforming with the game of golf.

In an old-school sport, we helped the heritage brand embrace new-school tech.

Every two years, when Titleist announces the new versions of its Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls—the most expensive in the game—it’s the talk of the clubhouse.

To prep for its next launch, the brand wanted to use customized research to inform a fresh look that met the hype—one that built upon the esteemed heritage of Titleist, but hinted at forward-thinking technology too. To evolve Titleist’s expression the right way, we started with the modern golfer, using a synthesis of qualitative and quantitative methods to more closely understand our target audience.

Trends work uncovered the emergent codes of “premium” in the sport and tech spaces, while conversation analysis led us to other relevant influencers on luxury, which we explored to inform the expression both verbally and visually. From real estate to wine, professional football to Formula One racing, a wide mix of categories formed a tapestry of aesthetic codes, revealing a new take on premium performance that only Titleist could claim.

  • Category + Consumer Trends
  • Consumer Target Definition
  • Packaging Design
  • Naming + Messaging
  •  Actionable Consumer Desires
  • Future of Sport Culture Scan
  • Brand Transformation

Project Outcome

75 years + counting as the #1 ball at the US Open

We talk a lot about how important the trust of golfers is to our brand. That said, gaining our trust is not always easy. LPK’s consistent approach, discipline and quality of work has rightly earned our trust.

Michael MahoneyVP, Marketing, Titleist, Acushnet