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The limited-edition flavors, like Polar Peppermint, capture the comfort and nostalgia of the season with a modern twist.

Dunkin’ is at it again. The heritage brand beloved for its limited-edition flavors and offerings is debuting its at-home seasonal line, brought to life by LPK. Featuring flavors like Polar Peppermint and Holiday Blend, the exclusive line is designed to capture the cozy, familiar spirit of the season, but with a fresh, unexpected take.

Dunkin' Winter Coffee design

Tapping into emergent holiday aesthetic trends, LPK designed the packaging to “really feel like a gift,” says LPK Creative Director Meredith Post, who led the work.

“It’s about meeting the moment and giving people something they just have to have.”

She goes on to explain that the limited-edition release speaks to Dunkin’s always-on connection to its consumers. “Dunkin’ is a brand that’s constantly thinking about the consumer and fresh ways to delight them,” says Post. “These limited-edition designs capture the comfort and nostalgia of the winter season, but with a modern twist. It’s about meeting the moment and giving people something they just have to have.”

Dunkin' Winter Coffee design

The latest release from Dunkin’ reinforces its brand character and focus on the fast-changing landscape. “It’s important for us to uncover what resonates each season with our consumers while also anticipating what they want next, so that we can best meet—as well as hopefully exceed—their expectations,” says Kassie Parsons, Director of Design & Production for Food & Beverage at The J.M. Smucker Co. “These seasonal products and packaging designs reflect that commitment—and we always have something new brewing behind the scenes.”

To see and shop the limited-edition line, head here.