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A focus on EQ over IQ and a return to your “native genius” are crucial for personal and professional growth in the year ahead, says Valerie Jacobs.


What will work look like in 2023? More of the same, or a return to pre-pandemic trends? Valerie Jacobs, Chief Growth Officer and head trend forecaster at LPK, discusses it all on Together Digital’s Power Lounge podcast, hosted by Chief Empowerment Officer, Amy Vaughan.


“We’re all in a giant becoming phase.”


Always analyzing and helping businesses act upon change, Jacobs turns her focus to the shifting landscape of work and the impact of its biggest transitions: Covid’s crisis, work-from-anywhere culture and a newfound emphasis on EQ. “To match ‘The Great Awkward,’ it feels like we’re in ‘The Great Figuring It Out,’” Jacobs says. “We’re all in a giant becoming phase.”

Jacobs and Vaughan explore the many ways you can set yourself up for transformation in the year ahead. “2023 is about meeting the moment, and it’s really three parts,” explains Jacobs. “We have to meet the capital-M Moment: what’s happening in culture at large—and how are you showing up in that? Second, how do you meet each and every moment? Are you spending your time the right way? And how do you meet this present moment? Think about taking care of yourself in a breath-by-breath way.”

To listen to the full episode of Power Lounge, head here.