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Statistics show that creativity is generally lower in smaller cities. LPK’s Chief Creative Officer explains the consultancy’s approach to overcome the odds and deliver next-level branding.

“People living in cities with over 1 million in population are shown to be 15% more creative,” says Nathan Hendricks in his recent sit-down with Andrew Medal on the Action & Ambition podcast. “Once you see that stat, you can’t unsee it.”

Years ago as a young designer, Hendricks moved from Chicago, Illinois, to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he now oversees the creative practice at LPK as its Chief Creative Officer.

To nurture LPK’s culture of best-in-class branding, Hendricks talks about the consultancy’s “mechanics” of creativity. “Some of them just aren’t that sexy, but when you do them well, it increases the likelihood that we’ll put world-class work out into the world.”

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