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The new launch, featuring packaging design by LPK, is the CPG brand’s first foray into the liquid coffee aisle.


Café Bustelo® has been a familiar name in the coffee space for decades, but the long-loved heritage brand is making moves to keep pace with consumer change. For the first time in its 96-year history, Café Bustelo is heading to the refrigerated section with the debut of its espresso-style iced coffee.

“In recent years, we’ve started to see many of our coffee customers, both young and old, reach more and more for iced coffee—but they still want that iconic flavor of Café Bustelo’s espresso-style roasts that they love,” says Eduardo S. Merino, Senior Brand Manager of Café Bustelo. “This new product intentionally combines our nearly century-long mastery of coffee with a cold and refreshing taste for an iced coffee that is brand-new, but somehow feels completely familiar to our Café Bustelo family.”

“Heritage brands need to stay true to their roots, but that doesn’t mean they should stand still.”

Café Bustelo partnered with LPK on the packaging design, working to preserve the iconic equity of the brand while strategically expressing emerging tastes. The three flavors are bottled in packaging “reminiscent of a Greca,” says Food & Wine, which is a nod to the traditional devices used to brew the brand’s ground coffee beans.

“Heritage brands need to stay true to their roots, but that doesn’t mean they should stand still,” says Marisa Richter, Director of Client + Category Partnership and an expert in food + beverage CPG. “The best brands adapt to stay relevant in a fast-paced world. This consumer is dynamic, multi-cultural and deeply connected to the world around them. We created packaging that reflects this vibrancy and stays true to the Café Bustelo brand as they gain real estate in a totally new section of the store.”

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