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Dogs deserve a donut, too. The limited-time launch, featuring packaging design by LPK, gives pups the sweet flavors they crave—and gives consumers a new way to treat their pets.


People aren’t the only ones who crave sweet treats. New Vanilla Glaze Flavor Dog Biscuits by Milk-Bone® and Dunkin®’ are bringing donut-inspired dog treats to shelves for a limited time—and both pups and pet parents are thrilled.

“The trend cycle [from human snacking to pet] used to be about two years—now it’s practically simultaneous.”

The crunchy, donut-shaped biscuits have been dipped and drizzled in a vanilla yogurt-flavored coating and finished off with colorful sprinkles, making them the perfect everyday treat for pets.

“Trends are translating from the human snacking space into pet far more quickly. The trend cycle used to be about two years—and now it’s practically simultaneous,” says Meredith Post, Senior Creative Director who leads LPK’s creative work with The J.M. Smucker Co. “Pet owners want to treat their pets with fun, indulgent flavors—and this product checks both of those boxes in a way that only Milk-Bone and Dunkin’ can. It’s a prime example of two iconic brands teaming up to deliver on emerging consumer desires.”

Bringing together those two heritage brands was a study in strategic balance, says Morgan Cavanaugh, Design Director at LPK who led the packaging work: “Collaborations are all about creating equilibrium with both brands’ equities. Our goal was to ensure it felt ownably Milk-Bone—conveying expertise and trust in the pet space—while infusing Dunkin’s playfulness and delicious flavor.”

What’s more: the product innovation is spreading sweetness by supporting the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation, which brings joy to kids battling illnesses through animal-assisted therapy in children’s hospitals across the country.

To learn more about the limited-time launch, head here.