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Addressing consumer frustrations with paid streamers, Scripps partners with LPK to launch the evolved Tablo brand: an all-in-one solution for the future of entertainment.


In a world of paid subscription services vying for eyeballs and credit cards, Scripps is banking on a different way to watch with the re-launch of Tablo™, an experience that lets you stream television anywhere in your home—on any smart device—without fees or subscriptions. Knowing that more than one-third of weekend and primetime viewing is over-the-air (OTA), Scripps has focused on reimagining Tablo beyond basic antenna access, giving consumers playback and recording features, plus access to dozens of additional FAST channels.

The Tablo brand first debuted in 2013, but needed significant evolution before this fall’s launch. To signal its transformation to consumers, Scripps partnered with LPK on the brand’s definition, strategy and creative expression, positioning the 4th-generation Tablo as the modern, elevated answer for whole-home entertainment.



“Tablo is a first-of-its-kind technology, so it was vital to refresh the brand to match that compelling story and innovative spirit,” says Amie Bracken, VP, Client Engagement at LPK, who helped lead the development and launch of the new brand. “We gave Tablo a new voice, story and look that meets this future-forward consumer where they are.”

Play Video about Family around watching TV via Tablo

Scripps called the Tablo relaunch the “latest and boldest step” in its ongoing efforts to build awareness and grow the broadcast marketplace. With goals to continue expanding OTA viewing, Adam Symson, Scripps President and CEO, describes the launch as a key initiative toward future growth: “the new Tablo solution revolutionizes the consumer experience for over-the-air television and free streaming services.”

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