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ADM and its branding partners LPK and Gwynne Sound received their first award for excellence in audio branding at the International Sound Awards.

Following the 2020 launch of a refreshed global brand, ADM—a world leader in human and animal nutrition—continues to partner with LPK to bring their brand identity to life in compelling, creative ways.

One of those brand expressions, ADM’s sonic branding catalog, developed with LPK and sonic strategy agency Gwynne Sound, won a Better Sound Award from the Audio Branding Society at the 2022 International Sound Awards.

“This is an ownable, flexible, fun and modern tool that multiplies the messaging value of every video.”

“While industry recognition is great, recognition among our audience is the goal here: we want them to recognize ADM and our value to them,” says David Weintraub, Director of Brand & Marketing Communications for ADM. “Our sonic identity is helping us create a deeper connection with audiences, with an ownable, flexible, modern and fun tool that multiplies the messaging value of every video.”

ADM’s sonic branding catalog is now in the running for additional honors at the Audio Branding Society’s live awards ceremony on September 21, 2022.

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