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Promising to “make stomachs happy,” Pepto sees a 24% uptick in sales.

It’s the go-to for upset stomachs, and following the debut of its brand refresh, Pepto-Bismol is promising to make stomachs happy like never before. Developed by LPK, the antacid brand’s evolved look and feel recently showcased on Under Consideration, making waves with its refined logo, deepened color palette and playful new graphics—including a suite of cheeky “stomojis,” which bring the brand’s unrivaled 5-symptom relief to life.

Since launch, the brand has seen a 24% increase in sales across markets in North America.

“For years, we’ve been a creative partner to the Pepto brand, helping them evolve their story to align with the wants and needs of modern consumers,” explains Susan Arnold, Group Director at LPK. “Today, it’s about indulging in food culture and events without hesitation or regret. Our new creative strategy celebrates that loud and clear. Pepto-Bismol is about making—and keeping—stomachs happy.”