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Bold and dynamic, our identity rebrand for ArtsWave signals a new chapter of progress for the arts organization.

As the engine for arts in Greater Cincinnati, ArtsWave funds and supports 100-plus projects and organizations through impact-based grants each year—creating a wave of arts that connects our region, creatively and economically. In a move to better tell their story and drive the ArtsWave mission forward, the organization has partnered with LPK on a strategic rebrand, including an evolved identity design and new tagline: “Funding arts. Fueling community.”

The brand reveal comes ahead of ArtsWave’s sponsorship of BLINK, one of the largest light, art and projection festivals in the nation, which brought over 1 million visitors to downtown Cincinnati in its inaugural year. The partnership is just one example of how ArtsWave is making waves, both locally and globally. “We wanted to evolve the ArtsWave brand to be as dynamic and powerful as they are,” explains LPK Design Director Meredith Post. “The wave is something inherent to the brand. We built a modernized creative system around the wave, making it an element that they can truly own and continuously build upon as they widen their reach.”

ArtsWave’s rebrand is the first in a decade and comes at a pivotal time for the organization, says Kathy DeBrosse, VP, Marketing & Engagement at ArtsWave: “LPK has been a tremendous brand partner, playing multiple roles as a consultant, good friend and brand steward. Our new identity is fitting for ArtsWave, showing how the 100-plus projects and organizations we fund come together to create a wave of impact. It’s what makes our community the place we’re all proud to call home.”

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